Nothing Happens

Nothing Happens Diakones Santun Sinaga    This is one of my experiences as long as I do some assistance and learning together with pe...

Nothing Happens
Diakones Santun Sinaga

   This is one of my experiences as long as I do some assistance and learning together with people in some villages in Dairi Regency. I want to share you because I believe it is necessity to ask, wonder or even you can do something to response what I am writing about. I wish it can make somebody think to take responsibility.

Here we go...

In one daylight of June 2017, my friends and I visited a village around of Siempat Nempu Hilir. It is known as Lae Maromas, that is a hamlet (Dusun: red). We went there by foot, we must walk by foot, there is no public vehicle there because the road is really-really bad and dangerous. As always my friends and I enjoyed the journey because there were many Durians tree to take a look, and it was smell very nice. Three of us are women, and we proud to pass the bad path to see our community.

In the middle of our way, I was thinking out loud about the Primary students from Lae Maromas. Imagine, since they were in the first class of Primary School, they must wake up at 04.00 a.m then go to school at 05.00 am because they must spend two hours to get their school in Logan Dua. What an incredible spirit!

Arrive in Lae Maromas

It is always great to visit people in villages . They always give the best smile and I know that they miss us and so do we. They share anything happen in their solitary village even about their children and their daily lifes. In that moment they told me about Government Building Project in their territory. They informed me that project is concerned on Remain Customs Community (Komunitas Adat Tertinggal: red) of Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs  (Kementrian Sosial Indonesia).

A woman admit she attended the socialization from Regency on May 2017. They informed that society will get one house for one family in certain territory have been decided by the Government. Another Woman said, they also will get electricity services for free plus Living cost for two years. The buildings project will start on July 2017.It sounds exagerate and I did not believe at all since state never as good as that sound. I kept the information for a week because I must teach children and guide some discussion to the women there before back to office again.

Back to office

Back from village to our office in Parongil, I shared all information and then we went to Office of Social Affair in Dairi Regency to check-recheck the information. We concern to get the trusted information from the exact man. We met the office chef executive, she said they still observe the issue.

Last week  I came again to Lae Maromas. I imagine the building project has started. Nevertheless, sad to say. The project is not happen. Nothing happen. Again and again I realize something wrong and it is suspicious. Since we ever met the head executive of Social affairs office of Dairi Regency and we didn’t get any credible information, this situation bother me a lot. Anybody want to help us to know the Project of Komunitas Adat Tertinggal,please?

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